Thursday, June 09, 2005

Look Ma...I'm on NPR!

I love NPR and one day they ran a story about illegal immigration. They profiled they Gonzalez family, who have been living illegally in Jefferson City, MO for the past 14 years. What separates them from other illegals is they managed to get caught and are facing deportation.
As a legal immigrant myself, the story touched me personally. I fired off a quick email to NPR. The next day, I got a reply from some producer who wanted to put my email on the air. So he called me later that day and we set up a audio sync to their recording studios in Washington D.C. I had to do several takes of my letter and that was that.
A couple of days later, I had a real surreal experience. I was in a half-awake state and I could hear my own voice on the national news. They actually put it on the air. It was extremely weird knowing my voice and opinion traveled all over the nation.

Anyway, you can listen to the section of the relevant program from the NPR archives. Also, more on the Gonzalez family blues.